Msoft-Nasa 3.0

Welcome yonutz2009 The system is designed to manage travel and tourism agencies
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The system is designed to manage travel and tourism Agencies, the system is adjusted in a strict daily work of the travel and tourism Agencies and is considered a perfect reference tool, and friendly to use. Database system contains the most information about: airports, hotels and distinations essential to the Travel Agents. The system includes advanced tools to perform accounting with suppliers including periodic reports, and authority approved annual tax reports, the system also automatically connects to the Internet and gets the various daily exchange rates.
In the Recent versions were added to the system tools to help the user such as: sending greetings, sending group mail and advertising e-mail directly through the system. Also the weather forecast in real time over than 150 destinations worldwide, and finally added a tool to alert email "came to, ie the user defines his mailbox (yahoo, Gmail ...) When you receive mail in the box you receive a visual alert to receive new mail. The system includes a mechanism for advanced maintenance: backup and recovery, the system indicates the user to perform a temporary backup.

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